Why do you need
an engineer?

If you want to build an original structure that
pushes the boundaries of design, that’s
beautiful and functional, strong and safe;
then you need an engineer.

About Sigma Engineering

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Renovations |
Crisis Management

Engineers deeply understand the terrain, geography, weather, light, public services, building materials and design principles. They look beyond the architectural plans and combine all the elements to output a strong, dependable, uniquely beautiful solution that will last well beyond your lifetime.

Sometimes getting an architect and engineer on board early in the piece may not be possible. You are looking to renovate or have purchased a house with a history that requires updating, rebuilding, and have uncovered the unexpected. We are in the business of problem-solving and crisis management when rebuilding safer homes.

Sigma has built solid and strong relationships with local Councils and is often the one point of contact between the architect, the builder and the council.

About Sigma Engineering

It's what you don't see that matters.

You may have heard the term’ good bones’ when people
refer to a house. What they are actually describing is
skilled engineering.

Hawke’s Bay is a beautiful place to build a home or
business, but our location comes with its own set of
challenges. As an earthquake-prone area, we must follow
strict building guidelines with stringent design and
construction processes to meet the expected standards.

With much of the prime pieces of land already taken, we
are building on more challenging sites more often, requiring
much more engineering and design thinking to build
structurally safe and practical homes.

Engineers design the structure of your home and
commercial build to fit the architectural plan and terrain
with suitable materials, whether concrete, wood, or steel.

A successful project is what you don’t see. Get in touch to
see how we can build better.

About Sigma Engineering

Framing the potential.

Sigma Consulting Engineer Tim Pike has over three decades of extensive engineering experience working alongside leading architects and builders, designing and developing award-winning homes and buildings that take design thinking beyond what you thought was possible.

Tim is a problem-solving, strategic thinker with unsurpassable industry knowledge. He develops every design with the same approach – built from a solid foundation of best practice. His engineering skills go beyond just structural, with fire safety and engineering included as standard, with specialist solutions to provide property protection that meets compliance requirements.

Environmentally sustainable design is not a ‘nice to have’, and Sigma’s philosophy is the positives outweigh the negatives on any build. We are passionate about creating more responsible designs that are better for you and the world we live in, using specific materials, and addressing land use and emissions to minimise the negative impacts of construction.

Sigma takes textbook solutions and evolves them into something innovative and unique.

Get in touch to find out how. 

What we do

Building peace of mind.

Building or renovating a property is potentially the largest investment you will undertake in your lifetime. Having peace of mind and engaging with experts to ensure your building stands the test of time is paramount.

The one constant in architectural design, building and engineering is constant change. We use best-in-business materials and practices, ensuring our engineering solutions align with the current New Zealand Business Code (NZBC). We are the first to know about any changes to building codes and consents that may affect your property development. With so many new building materials developing all the time, it’s the engineer’s responsibility to keep on top of emerging technologies and stay up to date on products so we can create better.

We will:

Work alongside your architect and builder to fit the structure to the design and ensure your building is to code and the materials used are certified by BRANZ (or overseas equivalent).

Manage all council consents and final codes of compliance.

Work with insurance companies on building claims and rebuilds.

Solve problems and provide solutions to existing properties compromised by subsidence, inherited structural issues or issues caused by weather events.

Assess structures such as retaining walls to ensure they are safe and to code.

Who we work with

Architects | Builders | Councils | Suppliers

Quality assurance and expertise with every build, renovation and repair.




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