Sigma Consulting Engineers Ltd

Our symbol, the Sigma - ∑, represents the total, everything included. That’s Sigma Consulting Engineers. Based in Hawke’s Bay, our aim is to provide a total engineering services package.
We guide clients through the complexity of an engineering project, from site selection, building and resource consent processes, through engineering design and environmental considerations, to construction contracts, project management, and on-going compliance.
We are passionate about completing quality engineering commissions and we work with other equally passionate experts to ensure your engineering solution answers all your needs. We solve problems by anticipating them in advance and resolve them before they become a roadblock.
We take an integrated and holistic approach so that we achieve maximum benefit for the client. We will arrive at the appropriate solution, not a kitset ‘out-of-the-box’ solution.

We love being involved in project teams that involve fire safety engineering design, civil and structural engineering design and environmentally sustainable design.


Fire engineering is not just a matter of producing a report to meet Council requirements.
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In our geologically diverse country there is always a need to ensure that, not only the buildings we construct are sound, but the surrounds are appropriately designed also.
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We are surrounded by structures. Houses, bridges, towers, signs, tanks, multi-storey office blocks, retaining walls, tunnels – the list is endless.
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Green design is not an “add-on” at Sigma Consulting Engineers. Environmentally sustainable design is an intrinsic part of everything that we do. It is just the scale that varies.
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